ArabicMTPE is the first specialized Arabic MTPE Service Provider covering the needs for Arabic Language MTPE content. Being a subsidiary to TRANSTEC, the renowned translation and localization service provider working in the industry for almost two decades, we are seeking to cover all needs for Arabic MTPE service in all content domains.

We see ourselves as a forward-looking group of passionate and professional MTPEs having the SME in this domain fulfilling all your MTPE needs.


A machine translation output corrected by a human professional translator (editor).

A machine translation output corrected by a human professional translator (editor).

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our vission

To professionally cover the global needs for MTPE service for the Arabic Language.

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our mission

To enhance the performance of Arabic MTPE services for best satisfying Arabic MTPE global needs.

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Arabic MTPE provides best services through:

– Use of leading MT Engines.

– Extensive feedback processes.

– A cost/benefit assessment for future projects.

– Full post-editing service achieves the same level of quality as a human translation.


Cost Reduction


More Productivity


Quick TAT


Satisfied Clients


A machine translation output corrected by a human professional translator (editor).

Current industry challenges

– CAT Tools is becoming outdated and too complicated to use

– Subject Matter Experts can be difficult to find in niche industries

– MTPE requires a lot of time to train and onboard huge teams

– A lot of industry tools don’t leverage data in the MTPE process

Through use of MTPE:

– Allowing thousands of translators to work together on projects simultaneously

– Using the Cloud to link industry experts around the world onto one platform

– An easy to access MTPE platform for customers and translators alike

– Combining human expertise with post-editing intelligence for data driven quality assurance

– Enhance the quality of Machine Learning MT engines.

– Provide seamless integration the MT system into existing processes and human translation TMs

Light post-editing

– Covers major grammatical and meaning errors

– Little to no importance to the overall style or tone

– Somehow accurate texts at a high speed by only making essential corrections

Full post-editing

– High-quality outputs

– Comparable to human translation

– Fine-tuned, polished and natural Arabic original composition

– Faithful target translation to the tone and style of the source

– Guaranteed consistency in terminology


Looking for the best/quickest/quality MTPE service?


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