MTPE Prequalification

We are ISO 18587 certified MTPE service provider. Our processes are compliant with ISO 18587 starting from preparation of the content to the quality assurance and final delivery. See our process here

Common errors of post-editors
– Stylistic preferential changes
– Errors on the structural level
– Under-edited translations
– Over-edited translations
– Inconsistent terms
– Un-translated, added or omitted words
– Unlocalized or incurred acronyms
– Unlocalized text
– Typos
– Ignorance of false cognates

Arabic MTPE

Tasks of post-editor:
– Correct grammar, syntax, semantics and punctuation
– Ensure content has no omissions or additions
– Ensure all tags are correctly placed
– Retain as much MT output as possible
– Use keyboard and shortcuts
– Don’t hesitate too long over a problem
– Don’t worry if the style is repetitive
– Don’t make preferential changes
– Use MT suggestions if a large piece of sentence is correct, or if the MT quality is very good with only minor changes needed, or if the MT has the correct meaning

Arabic MTPE

Skills of post-editor

– Temporal
o Ability to balance post-editing speed with respect to required quality

– Technical
o Editing skills and word processing experience
o Ability to correct directly on the screen

– Psychological
o Positive attitude to MT

– Cognitive
o Knowledge of source and target languages
o Expertise in the subject area
o Ability to adapt to different specifications required for each job
o Specific knowledge of the weakness of the particular MT system

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