MTPE Process


– Check and identify the flaws in the MT engine.
– Reduce the errors of the MT Engine.
– Provide highest possible level of fluency in the raw MT output.

In this way, we can decide if a specific MT engine is suitable for the requested type of content. In addition, we will be able to enhance the performance for a cost-effective and increased productivity work.

Arabic MTPE

Types of corrected errors includes:

– Terminology and vocabulary.
– Literal rendition of common idioms.
– Formal vs. informal style.
– Too long sentence.
– Single word errors, errors of relation, structural/informational errors.
– Incorrect verb forms, tense.
– Disregard of context through consistent translation of specific word.
– Syntax and grammar errors.
– Punctuation errors.
– Omissions and/or additions.
– Compound words translated as individual words.
– Machine neologisms.

Arabic MTPE


Types of post-editing

Light Post-editing

Full-Post Editing

Light vs. full post-editing

Aarabic MTPE

Quality Assurance

On basis of the rule: four eyes are better than two, we provide QA service performed by a second professional Arabic native-speaker translator and/or proofreader for all post-editing projects. Through this step, the target text is compared against the source to ensure that all terminology and style guidelines have been followed, and strictly applied.

Aarabic MTPE


Post-Sale Service

Arabic MTPE


– Post-editing rules and instructions.
– Post-editing metrics.
– Post-editors’ skills and recruitment criteria.
– Post-editors Payment.

Arabic MTPE

Overcoming the challenges

– Leverage experience in PE tasks.
– Expertise in the domain.
– Familiarity with the Arabic PE tasks.
– Know-how with the specific MT used engine.

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